Hey, I'm Ruby, but everyone calls me Red. I work for my Granny, mostly at the diner but I help out around the B&B as well. Ever since the curse was broken my life has change, mostly for the better. I have amazing friends, that I never thought I would have. Life couldn't get any better. Oh, and by the way.. I wouldn't get on my bad side. It's got fangs.

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Prostitute/Stripper Starter Sentenses
"How much?"
"So what do you like?
"Top? Bottom? Versatile?"
"Give me the royal treatment, then."
"I don't kiss on the lips, sorry."
"So how long have you been doing.. What you're doing?"
"Can you.. Do that again?"
"You don't have to go, you know. I can make us breakfast?"
"You deserve a nice girl/guy. You shouldn't trail after someone like me."
"Just because I'm your whore for the night doesn't mean you get permission to treat me like one."
"I wasn't supposed to give you this number.."
"In the day light we don't know each other."
"It was on the house."
"You really fucked me up, you know that? I've never had this problem with a client before--I shouldn't have this problem with a client ever."
"No feelings. That was our deal."
"I can't give you what you want. I can't give you a normal relationship."
"You the one who called for an all nighter?"
"My favorite regular-- what can I do for you tonight?"
"I may be what I am at night, but in the real world I have a life, okay! Stop butting in to it!"
"It's okay to call me what I am. A whore, don't need to sugar coat it."
"Of course it's a fake name!"
"This isn't a date, it's business."
"I'll let you do anything you want.. Just follow my few rules."
"I know you have rules about this.. but can I take you out sometime? Not as this you--but as--well, you."
"Just because you've been my regular for months/years, doesn't make us friends."
"What do you think this is, 'Pretty Woman'?"
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If I’m your tumblr crush send me a “hey fuck face”
"Do you wanna build a snowman?"



"It doesn’ have to be a snowman."


"Sucks t’be him then. So, I take it that you’re gonna be drivin’? Keys are in my front left pocket."

Ruby chuckled a little and pulled Dean in front of her, putting his back against the car. “This is probably going to be the one and only time you let me drive Baby, so I’m taking the long way home.” She taunted, moving closer to him and reaching into his pocket to get the keys as she kissed him quickly. “Have you ever noticed how sexual you are when you’re drunk?”


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"I have a headache. Make it quick."


"Well I was going to ask if you wanted a coffee, but not with that attitude."

My muse has been kidnapped for experimental ‘research.’ After months of searching, yours has finally found mine. How does your muse react to the condition mine is in?



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//I really want an AU based from the song Heaven in out Headlights because I think that would be completely and utterly amazing. Yes. I need it. 

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//So I’m going to go to bed now, because it’s 1am and I actually just started feeling extremely sick Dx 

I’ll be on tomorrow darlings! <3

Goodnight, I LOVE YOU ALL!

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